Sunday, October 10, 2010

A new vegie patch, in boxes

We've been looking at options for creating vegie patches at our new place that are not permanent, as we're renting and there are no established garden beds and we get the impression that our landlord isn't keen on permanent structures.

We decided on some kind of raising vegie bed, which also has the bonus of being more ergonomic for me to manage. We'd seen these pre-done vegie boxes that were wooden crates filled with soil and pre-planted for around $350. The CPD then spotted someone selling ex-fruit crates for $20 each. We picked up 3 of them (that's what would fit on the ute we hired). We lined them with some builders plastic, with a few drain holes in the bottom.

Next step was to order some soil and mulch. We decided that rather than fill them just with soil, we'd fill the bottom half with mulch, which would drain well and also be a little cheaper than soil.
Yesterday the soil and mulch arrived and we set to work filling up our vegie boxes, with supervision by the dynamic duo - Hudson and Gracie.

Today I planted seeds into the boxes and hopefully we'll be looking at our first Brunswick harvest this summer :)


  1. We arranged the boxes like they are so that I can fill in the centre section as a kennel for the dogs. Which will take advantage of the thermal mass of the garden beds on three sides.

  2. So very clever you two are! Especially the $20 crates and the dog kennel special feature.

  3. Whew. That veggie would surely need lots of love and pest controls. haha. Pest Control Melbourne

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