Thursday, September 11, 2008

We have floor!

In the latest instalment of the adventure of the spare room, it now has a floor again! Thanks to the efforts of the Cunning Plans Dept, we not only have floor, but it didn't end up costing anywhere near as much as we originally thought it would, coming in at around $850. Bless the engineering profession and large projects that just happen to have some excess building materials lying around.

On to the pictures. After the floor was gutted, the next stage was putting in some drainage trenches and ag pipe:

Most of this work was done while it was bucketing rain outside. As it also connects to the rest of the underhouse space, we let our two crazy labradors in to get out of the rain and be part of the action. I think Hudson possibly consumed a kilo or so of clay that had been excavated. Not the brightest puppy.

After the drainage was done, new beams needed to go in as well as the Bondec, which will provide some waterproofing. Supervisors Hudson and Gracie also pictured:

On top of the Bondec went the reinforcing for the concrete and the hose that will become the underfloor heating:

And today the concrete arrive and the CPD and a mate spent a good couple of hours spreading concrete around the room and shovelling the excess back out the window. The end result is floor!

So now we wait for it to dry and then have then fun job of washing the walls and generally cleaning the room up.

All this is of course in aid of reducing the mould in the house so that it doesn't continue to slowly poison me. Let's see the mould try and make it up through Bondec and concrete!

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